Water for every Filipino


The Tubig Pilipinas Group, Incorporated (TPGI) was formed as a result of the shared vision of the owners, and founders of Princess Urduja Waterworks System Inc., Quadcore Construction and Development Corporation, Repower Energy Development Corporation, and Pure Energy Holdings Corporation. They have combined their strengths and brought together their vast experience in bulk water supply, water distribution, waste water management, value engineering and construction expertise, steel and PE pipe manufacturing, strategic corporate development, corporate finance, and investment banking to form a water utility company that will make a difference in the industry.

TPGI hopes to take full advantage of economies of scale. Recognizing that investments in water source infrastructure development, water treatment facility, distribution network, and allied services are quite substantial with longer payback periods, it needs to have an aggressive growth strategy. This calls for a substantial increase in number of subscribers per service area, and increase of service areas at the same time.

While the 2 big water distribution conglomerates are busy serving the Greater Metro Manila areas, and expanding only into large metropolises, the reality is that the vast majority of cities and towns in the Philippines are still left unserved. These unserved or underserved communities have facilities that are inefficient, have high non-revenue water losses, or worse – lack clean, sustainable potable water that flows into their homes 24/7.

Our vision is driven by our social responsibility to every Filipino. Water is a right that every Filipino should have access to. Since water is a basic necessity, it is a valuable resource that should be handled well. If the water source is managed properly with responsible care, it can be sustainable and renewable. This important resource sustains life, contributes to the well-being of our families, enhances the welfare of our communities, and is an integral part to the development and growth of our industries.